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Petrochemical activated carbon

I. product introduction and application:

Chemical activated carbon is made of high density coconut shell as raw material, through high temperature activation, grinding, bonding and pelletizing. It is mainly used in decolorization purification of petrochemical industry, petrochemical water treatment project, and can remove harmful substances in petroleum. It can be used as catalyst or carrier in synthesis industry.

Ii. Physical and chemical performance analysis [inspection standard] GB/ t12496-1999

Note: specifications can be produced according to customer's requirements.

Packing: plastic woven bags, 20KG or 25KG each.

[note] the quality index of the project not listed can be produced according to the customer's requirements.

Petrochemical decolorizing activated carbon detailed description:

1. Used for liquid phase adsorption of activated carbon

Tap water, industrial water, electroplating wastewater, purified water, beverage, food, medical water purification and electronic ultrapure water preparation.

Sucrose, xylose, sugar cane sugar, beet sugar, lactose, molasses, monosodium glutamate, drugs, citric acid, chemical products, food additives decolorization, purification and impurity removal purification filtration.

Oil, gasoline, diesel oil decolorize, remove miscellaneous, remove flavor, wine, white wine, horse milk wine, women's skin wine, health wine and beverage Coca Cola, ice black tea, milk tea, green tea purification, deodorization, remove miscellaneous.

Fine chemical, pharmaceutical chemical, biological pharmaceutical process product purification, refining, decolorization, filtration.

Environmental engineering wastewater, domestic wastewater purification, decolorization, deodorization, COD reduction

2. Used for gas phase adsorption activated carbon

Adsorption and recovery of benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, oil and gas, CS2 and other organic solvents.

Cigarette filter, decoration in addition to flavor, indoor air purification (formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gas removal), industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.).

Petrochemical industry production, natural gas purification, desulfurization, deodorization, wastewater treatment.

Biochemical, paint industry, underground places, leather factories, animal breeding places of air purification, deodorization.

Odor adsorption of flue gas, sulfide adsorption, mercury vapor removal, reduce the generation of dioxin.

3. Used in high demand fields activated carbon

Catalyst and catalyst support (palladium, rhodium, platinum), precious metals recovery and gold extraction.

Blood purification, automotive carbon tanks, high-performance fuel cells, dual-layer supercapacitors, lithium ion battery cathode materials, storage materials, military, aerospace and other high requirements.

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