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Gold activated carbon

There are three categories of gold extraction activated carbon produced by our factory: coconut shell activated carbon, apricot shell activated carbon, wooden pillar shaped activated carbon and adsorbed gold. They have several advantages: uniform particle size, strong adsorption capacity and high wear resistance. They are suitable for modern gold mining production, mainly used for heap leaching or carbon slurry extraction of gold metallurgist Separation and extraction of precious metals in the industry.

Gold extraction activated carbon is made by carbonization, high temperature activation, pretreatment and refining. The product is characterized by developed pore structure, large specific surface area, high wear-resistant strength, fast adsorption speed, large adsorption capacity, easy desorption, and can be used repeatedly. It is widely used in the process of extracting gold by carbon slurry and heap leaching.

This kind of activated carbon for gold uses a special technology to shape the particles of activated carbon with high strength, and almost all of the easily worn parts such as needle shaped, sharp shaped and angular shaped particles are removed. The particle shape is full and uniform, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the product. After entering the factory, it does not need to carry out pre grinding, and can be directly used after water washing.

    Specifications and technical indicators: 6-12 items, 8-16 items can be produced according to the order



  Technical index

Particle size (mesh)

6-12 or 8-16

 Iodine adsorption value(mg/g)