Activated carbon originality and advanced performance in which aspects
Column:Knowledge Hotspots Time:2019-09-12

What are the characteristics of activated carbon?

Originality: adopt non-bonded molding activated carbon proprietary technology. Change the traditional coal tar, starch and other traditional binder molding methods. Does not contain the binder component, completely depends on the affinity between the carbon molecules and the special nature of the raw material itself. Scientific formula, made, effectively avoid carbon hole blocking, give full play to rich and developed carbon hole adsorption function.

Advanced nature: due to the use of high-quality wood chips, coconut shell as raw materials, made of columnar activated carbon than the traditional coal columnar charcoal ash lower, less impurities, gas phase adsorption value, CTC absolute advantage. The pore diameter distribution of the product is reasonable, which can achieve the maximum adsorption and desorption, thus greatly improving the service life of the product (2-3 years on average), which is 1.4 times that of ordinary coal carbon. There are cylindrical and spherical particles and other specifications.

Applicability: (1) gas phase adsorption (2), organic solvent recovery (benzene gas toluene, xylene, acetic acid fiber industry acetone recovery) (3), impurities and harmful gas removal, waste gas recovery (4), refinery, gas station, oil depot excessive gasoline recovery.