China environment news: actively promote the construction of ecological civilization
Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2016-05-03

Since the 18th national congress of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have given greater strategic importance to ecological progress and made a series of major decisions and arrangements. The concept of ecological civilization is also deepening in understanding and gradually improving and maturing in practice. The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China included ecological civilization as one of the new requirements of building a well-off society in its political report for the first time. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) made clear that ecological progress should be integrated into the overall plan. The third and fourth plenary sessions of the 18th central committee of the communist party of China stressed the importance of promoting ecological progress. 2015 is the construction of ecological civilization system worthy of the name, "about accelerating the opinions of the construction of ecological civilization", "the overall scheme of reform of ecological civilization system, plus the much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning advice, constitute the current and future a period at the top of ecological civilization construction design drawings, have the important leading and guiding role. We should thoroughly understand and correctly grasp the connotation and concept of ecological civilization, apply the central government's new thinking and judgment on strengthening ecological civilization, and focus on promoting ecological civilization. With the deepening of exploration and practice, the connotation of ecological civilization is increasingly enriched. It not only stays at the level of philosophy or strategy, but also builds a perfect institutional framework and becomes more operational. The overall plan for reform of the system for promoting ecological progress puts forward eight systems, each with specific goals. Among them, the property right system of natural resource assets mainly solves the problems of insufficient owners of natural resources and fuzzy ownership boundary. The development and protection system of land space focuses on solving problems such as excessive occupation of high-quality arable land and ecological space, ecological damage and environmental pollution caused by disorderly development, over-development and decentralized development. These systems constitute a closed loop system of strict prevention at the source, strict control over the process and severe punishment afterwards, and establish a strict basic system of ecological civilization. For eight system, the country and issued "environmental protection supervision program (try out)", "ecological environment monitoring network construction plan", "to carry out the leading cadres of the natural resource assets departure audit pilot plan" 6 matching scheme, such as refined or supplement the content, make sure that the system will work, do it, not formal. These policies and systems echo and connect with each other and build a basic institutional framework. As a major decision and deployment, ecological civilization construction is not only clearly explained in concept, but also clearly explained in action plan, which has become the road map and construction drawing of our actual ecological and environmental protection work. To further promote ecological progress, environmental protection departments at all levels must act in concert in accordance with the new requirements and targets set by the central government, enhance their responsibilities, and ensure that their understanding is not blurred, their implementation is not biased, and their progress is not slackened. They should strive to be the facilitators and practitioners of ecological progress. In recent years, environmental protection departments at all levels have actively explored the construction of ecological civilization and done a lot of work. For example, we have actively promoted the establishment of demonstration zones for ecological construction. 16 provinces across the country are building ecological provinces, and more than 1,000 counties, cities and districts are building ecological cities and counties. These efforts have improved the quality of the environment and accelerated the construction of an ecological civilization. At present, the state has clearly divided the key tasks of ecological civilization construction in various departments and put forward specific requirements for the next work. For some tasks directly assigned to environmental protection departments, such as the construction of ecological environment monitoring network and the implementation of national environmental protection supervision, environmental protection departments at all levels should be fully implemented. We will do a good job in carrying out the central government's reform tasks concerning ecological progress and environmental protection, and work hard to refine them so that they take root. We will accelerate the establishment of the strictest environmental protection system, establish an enterprise emission permit system that covers all fixed sources of pollution, improve the environmental supervision and law enforcement system, implement a vertical management system for monitoring, monitoring and law enforcement by environmental protection agencies below the provincial level, and improve the system for making environmental information public. We need to carry out the new tasks and requirements put forward by the central government for ecological and environmental protection reform. For example, we need to pay more attention to promoting the formation of green modes of production and consumption, adjust the mix of supply, and provide more high-quality ecological products. In addition, the environmental protection departments should also earnestly fulfill their duties of coordination and participation in the division of responsibilities, such as the division of territorial space and the construction of ecological barriers. Civilization prospers when ecology prospers, and civilization decays when ecology decays. The blueprint for ecological progress has been drawn. The majority of environmental protection workers must continue to vigorously promote ecological progress. We must be resolute in our determination to fulfill our historical mission, effectively improve the overall quality of the environment, and make our due contribution to the great renewal of the Chinese nation and the realization of the beautiful Chinese dream of blue sky, green earth and clean water.